Babies Educational World- A review

July 3, 2018
Educational toy review

I really do believe there’s no right or wrong way for kids to play. Play should be all about fun, enjoyment, thrill and ….LEARNING!. You see, with play, kids are always learning something even if it isn’t our intention to teach – social skills, gross motor skills and so on. With Baby G ( now Toddler G!! Oh how fast they grow!) close to hitting the 3 year mark, I decided to get her some educational toys from Babies Educational World. How did the experience fare? Read on to find out.

When ordering a toy, one must take into account their child’s developmental progress and their interests. Even then, there can be hits or misses so one can always find new use for the toy. With kids and their fleeting interests where a favorite toy can be quickly dismissed to the bottom of the storage box and the most unexpected and unusual thing can take its place- I decided to go for toys which are reasonably priced while serving their purpose well.

Babies Educational World

I found out about this page via a quick FB search ( and going by the reviews and products listed, I was happy to make a purchase. Besides, I always opt for COD just to be on the safe side. The owner, Komal, is a lovely lady to interact with and offers a wide range of products from handmade felt books, felt play mats, felt calendars , activity sets to an assortment of educational toys for toddlers and beyond.

My Orders 

I ordered the following products:

educational toy

Shape sorter

The shape sorter was a fantastic activity for her. Not only do kids learn shapes, colors etc, they also benefit in many other ways:

  • Problem-solving: Children learn by trial and error by attempting to put shapes in their correct place. As parents, we must encourage them to keep trying till they get it right.
  • Fine motor skills: The way in which a child picks up the block (raking it with their palm, using their fingers, etc) tells a lot about their fine motor development. This sorter requires great co-ordination and fine motor manipulation to put shapes in their exact place.
  • Learning development: This provides great language simulation- the child learns about shapes, colors, sizes, why that shape doesn’t fit there and so on. Hence, this toy provides great opportunities for vocabulary growth and development.

As you can see, shape sorters are wonderful toys for children.  Just take a few minutes to play with your child and you’ll  witness all these wonderful skills taking shape.

Educational toy fruit puzzle

Pineapple Puzzle for toddlers


Educational toy puzzle

Cherry puzzle for kids

My baby loves puzzles and cherry and so obviously this was a great educational toy for her. She required some help with these initially but soon managed very well  on her own. Puzzles are an important educational  toys/learning tools for toddlers and young children as they provide many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities. It’s many benefits include:

  • Cognitive skills: It challenges their mind and serves as a wonderful exercise for the brain as they explore the theme and try to find ways to complete it.
  • Problem solving: Completing even the most simplest of puzzles sets a single goal to achieve.  Toddlers and children must think and develop strategies on how to approach in achieving this goal.  This process involves problem solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions which they can later be transferred into their personal/adult life.
  • Fine Motor development: Puzzles are a fun way for children to develop and refine their fine motor skills.  When engaged in playing with puzzles, children are required to pick up, pinch and grasp pieces and move them around, manipulating them into slots, sorting them and fitting them into the correct places
  • Hand and Eye coordination:Playing with puzzles requires a trial and error process which involves a lot of hand and eye manipulation. For example, as a toddler or child places a piece of the puzzle that does not fit, they will try all over again where their actions involve doing what they actually see.
  • Self esteem: The accomplishment of achieving a goal brings so much satisfaction to a child.  Overcoming the challenges involved in solving a puzzle really gives them a sense of achievement and pride within themselves.  It provides a boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem as this prepares them for other challenges in life.

Babies Educational World’s service:

The quality of these educational toys was top notch, no rough edges or chipped paint. The price is very reasonable and I received these in just 2 days! Yes! you read that right! even though I had placed the order just before the weekend on Thursday, I received these on Saturday.

I would highly recommend Babies Educational World and am looking forward to ordering more from Komal.


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