How to calm a crying, fussy baby?

fussy baby

How to calm a crying, fussy baby?

All babies are fussy- some unusually more so. And it can drive parents to their wits end as they go through a mental checklist:

 tummy full: check

-diaper clean: check

no clothes sticking to booty: check

too hot/too cold: check 

and so on…

But still no improvement. Baby G was an incredibly hard baby to please so I had to try almost everything I read, heard or came up with to calm her down. So, here are some of the ways you can calm your young one:

  • Motion: Babies like motion as they are used to moving about in the womb.  So rock your baby as vigorously as you want as long as you hold the baby close and securely. You may even invest in a swing, a rocker or a rocking chair.
  • Take for a car ride or a ride in the stroller. The lull of a car engine works quite well!
  • It works best to emulate a womb-like environment for the baby. A baby is snugly packed in the womb and so swaddling a baby securely can work great.
  • Skin to skin contact is ideal for some babies too. Undress your baby and place against your naked skin- cover with blanket and stroke baby gently. This is especially good for premature babies.
  • Wear your baby in a sling. The dark, close comfort of the sling can put the baby at ease and help you multi-task too.
  • Try white noise: Apps such as SleepySounds and Sound Sleeper have a great variety of noises to help soothe your baby. Another bonus is that they’re free.
  • Other noises such as a running tap, vacuum cleaner, fan or simply “shushing” (video below) in the baby’s ear can provide a calming effect.
  • Give gas drops and cycle a baby’s legs to provide relief.
  • Placing a mirror in front of the baby.
  • Give a warm bath
  • A warm massage can help too
  • Too much simulation can unnerve a baby. Restrict visitors. Dim lights and sway your baby to calmness.
  • Relax! Take a deep breath. There’s light at the end of this dark, dark, noisy tunnel.

Please do NOT let your baby cry it out. Nothing could be worse. why? A detailed post on that soon.

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