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Padsicles: The Ultimate Postpartum DIY

June 12, 2016

Padsicles? May sound funny but it is a life saver during those postpartum days. Much like popsicles, these are frozen treats for all the soreness and ache down south. Ahem. Whether you’ve had a natural no-meds labour, hours long ordeal with an epidural or a c-section- these are a must have for all new moms as they will soothe and heal your swollen, sore vagina/perineal muscles. Continue Reading…

Mother and Baby

How to bathe your baby

March 19, 2016

Bathing your wriggly teensy weensy newborn can be a daunting but a fun and great bonding ritual. I was too scared of bathing my baby and she almost slipped out of my hand once. Following that mini heart attack, I tried a few different ways of bathing her and finally settled on one that was easy for me and relaxing for my baby. Here are few things one must keep in mind when bathing your little ‘un. Continue Reading…

Mother and Baby

The best home remedy for rashes – tried and tested

March 14, 2016
Baby rashes

DD was a fall baby but in Dubai it was still quite sunny- so initially I gave her a lot of air time and kept her in cloth diapers that were changed every time she peed or pooped ( obviously!!)- this kept the baby rashes at bay. As it became cooler, I was forced to keep her diapers which gave her the most horrible rashes!! In desperation, I tried everything- from DIY’s to ointments but nothing seemed to work until I came across this gem. It was an instant hit!!. Continue Reading…