Ella’s Kitchen Carrot Multigrain Rice review

May 10, 2017
Ella's Kitchen Carrot Multigrain rice review

I will be reviewing a few baby food brands and this will be the first in the series. Please don’t get me wrong- I still believe in home cooked food being the best as you know what exactly goes into your baby’s meal and in what hygienic conditions. However, with us being away on a vacation in Dubai and mostly being outdoors; it isn’t feasible to carry containers of cooked food everywhere with me. Also, I wanted to try these products myself to ensure their quality before offering it up on the website.

About the company:

Paul Lindley began this venture to address his concerns regarding the nutritional value of the food his daughter, Ella was having. At Ella’s Kitchen, they believe that every child should have the opportunity to eat healthy foods and that eating should be fun and delicious and not a chore for kids.

The Product

This product contains organic carrot, maize, and quinoa baby rice and is aimed as a perfect weaning food for babies at 4 months. I do realize that Baby G is a little too old to try it, but hey it’s full of natural goodness and as a one off thing, I didn’t really mind offering it. It’s organic with no added sugar and salt and there’s not a single item in the ingredients list that I wasn’t able to pronounce. The other thing I liked about the product was that it has to be consumed within a month because I often think how can a product be organic and/or healthy for kids if it has such a long shelf life.

The consistency is super smooth with no chunks and I was curious to see if Baby G would like quinoa in this form as she had always rejected it earlier. To my amazement, she loved it and even asked for more which has never happened before!!!!!  She is a very fussy eater and not very open to trying new and different tastes but she truly looked forward to this meal.

The packaging is bright and super convenient as it is resealable. It is obvious the brand ensures that the quality of their item is maintained by taking care of every minor detail.

Do let me know of your favorite baby food brand or if you would like me to review any.

* This post is not sponsored. I bought this product myself.

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