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Say NO to Johnson and Johnson!

April 14, 2016
Say no to johnsons

Yes! You heard it right. Say NO to them and say it LOUD and CLEAR. Here’s why.

Lawsuits/scandals involving J&J, the so-called “baby-friendly” ” family-friendly” company:

  • Johnson and Johnson to pay $72 million linking it’s talc-based baby powder to ovarian cancer
  • As of March 29,2016; lawsuits against the company jumped from 56,500 to 76,400
  • According to Johnson & Johnson, their deceptive advertising and lies to FDA, doctors and consumers are covered under the Freedom of Speech Act (
  • Their baby shampoos contain formaldehyde which is a known cancer-causing chemical ingredient.

The company continues to mislead consumers by promoting their “98% natural”plant-based”product line. This is even more dangerous as customers believe what they are purchasing under the ” all-natural” guise is actually a healthy option.

Why no to all-natural?

Because it’s all hogwash!! This is just one of the ways cosmetic and personal care products companies cheat their consumers. A case in point is the J&J 98% natural baby care lotion which contains hydrogenated cotton seed oil- an industrial by-product and considered to be the world’s dirtiest crop contaminated with lead, mercury and pesticides. It also contains benzoic acid which is a known irritant and also causes organ reduction.

And the list goes on.

What do we recommend?

Some general guideline to keep in mind when buying personal care products:

  • Keep it simple. Keep it basic. You really don’t need a lot of products. Experts recommend using absolutely nothing on a newborn’s skin for as long as possible.
  • When buying organic products, look out for the USDA Organic seal.
  • Buy fragrance-free products. A single artificial fragrance can contain thousands of chemicals and these cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Pay attention to the order in which ingredients are listed. Manufacturers are required to list ingredients in descending order according to volume. If rose hip extract is listed towards the end of the list of ingredients, then your rosehip body lotion isn’t very natural.
  • It is better to buy products in glass containers because chemicals can sometimes seep out of plastics and into products. If plastic, go for BPA-free.
  • Go DIY- I have listed a great DIY tip for baby rash here . Will be posting more soon

There is very good reason to be concerned about the various chemicals our children are exposed to every day, as each and every exposure adds to their total, long-term toxic load. This then contributes to the many chronic diseases we see today and as especially concerning when studies suggest that nearly half of all men and every 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Remember! what you put on your baby’s skin enters his/her body so be very careful of what you use. When in doubt, drop it.


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